Monday, April 23, 2012

A new project

So the 2012 project per week thing has been fun but I think I'm calling it quits, at least for a few months, maybe even longer.

It's because I have a new project called "remember Chinese again." Yeah. I have a feeling it will eat up any "free time" I may have had. I also have my other project "learn random words like 'permanent member of the UN security council.'" I was just kind of gliding by but I am starting to realize that my vocab has some big gaps in government/diplomacy type language. I have been trying to speak Chinese with the kids and watching Chinese movies and things. However, lately, I've felt like I need to kick my tail in gear and study Chinese in earnest again and make sure I include the more specialized vocab my husband is studying. I won't be at the FSI but I have enough online resources and books and things around the house to keep me busy for a long time. Here goes nothing. I'm excited to study again.