Friday, March 16, 2012

Project 9: Flour free black bean brownies

Since I am starting to use up all my random pantry ingredients,  there will probably be a lot of recipe projects in the next little while.

I found the original black bean brownie recipe here at by Calouste. The only change I made was to use beans that I had cooked in the slow cooker. I used 2 cups of beans to replace one can of beans. In general I like to use the slow cooked beans better because they are more tender. (I also doubled the recipe.)

My four kids and the 5 random neighbor kids playing at our house all agreed that these were really yummy. (Though one had a hard time believing me that they had beans in them.) My husband liked them too. I'm a not a chocolate fan so I am not much of a taste reviewer on this one.

I can review the ease of prep though. That aspect was awesome. I recommend putting the beans in your food processor or blender first, then the dry ingredients, then the wet ones. They mix together really well that way. I processed it for awhile until it was nice and smooth, poured it in the pan, and baked it. Easy. I baked it in our jelly roll pan because that is what I had and it turned out just fine.


Nomads By Nature said...

I am gonna try this one next week when kids and hubs are outta the house, see if they can tell the difference. It looks yummy and so easy!!

Heather Dray said...

How awesome that you can make something chocolaty out of BEANS! I can only make something beanie out of beans. ;-)

Monica said...

bizarre! never, never heard of beans in anything chocolate. i am amazed! they look yummy! and i cannot believe you do not care for chocolate that much. chocolate is like my second (first?) love! ;o)

Lisa said...

I make these whenever we go on a diet. Not quite as good as the real thing, but a good substitute and way more filling. My kids like them.