Saturday, March 3, 2012

Digital Clutter

Over the years I have collected 2 blogs (and help admin another). I also have 3 emails accounts,
a Facebook page, and a Google+ account (so I can keep up with some of my not-into-FB family). I use online resources to pay bills, track accounts, order stuff (especially random gluten free ingredients), etc. etc. 

I am currently reviewing Blogger's privacy policies to see if I want to port this blog to Wordpress. My old private mac website/blog has to get moved somewhere before mac stops hosting this summer. (Or I at least need to print it out.) I am the Hardship Homemaking admin this month. I read a ton of blogs for fun.

Long story short, I feel like I am starting to spend more time keeping track of my digital stuff than I want. And I don't want to stare at my computer half my life.

So, I am slowly starting to cut the digital fat, and I started with Pinterest. It's super fun but I have tons of other stuff to do with my time. And I don't totally agree with how it runs right now in regard to copyrights. I'm sure things will get figured out and it will be just fine. (And the whole concept is brilliant.) For now though, I'm setting it aside. So, I'm going old school again with bookmarks and lists of weblinks. We're still going to do fun projects from the web though.

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Wanderlustress said...

I can tell you that I love Wordpress because they really help you build a community around your blog (if it's public and if that's what you want), and their templates are great giving you many formats to choose from. Thanks for quitting Pinterest and following my blog!