Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project #6: Battery Roundup

This week's project was pretty simple but I love it. I got this container at a local craft store for a few bucks and threw all of our batteries into it. The right side currently is holding a charger but I think that when we travel I'll leave it empty. That way the charged batteries can go on the left and the spent ones can go on the right.

This project is a great one for us because we always have so many batteries to yank from toys, leapsters, etc. every time we move. The first time we left stuff in storage for a few months, we didn't even think about needing to pull all of the batteries. So we had nice corroded batteries and toys when we got our stuff back. Not fun. So, we pull them all now. I am noticing that as the kids get older, the need for batteries is slowly being replaced by the need for USB ports for charging.

The credit for this awesome idea goes to Better Homes and Gardens. Their original battery post is here.


Wanderlustress said...

Can you come organize my life PLEASE!

Becky said...

Batteries. I can organize your batteries. Other than that, I'm not a ton of use :)