Saturday, December 17, 2011

Guess I'd better get my date shoes ready: 337 of 365

If you know me in real life, these shoes might make you laugh.

I wear sandals if at all possible. Slip on shoes if not, preferably without socks. My dress shoes tend to be conservative. Black, lowish heel. Boring. Sensible. Easy to chase kids in at church.

However, when you are shoe shopping with three little girls and they say "Try these shoes Mom!"  you try them on to humor your cuties. And let's just say that the shoes fit and you like them and they are fun? (Oh yeah and you can actually walk in them without falling over.)

AND those adorable girls sigh and tell you you look beautiful?

"They are date with Daddy shoes! They are beautiful!"

Well, you make the shoes yours and you go on a date or two. I think every mom needs some "date with Daddy" shoes. Or at least a date now and then.


Russ and Em said...

It is so fun to see what little girls think are cute fashions and what I think are cute fashions. I still remember trying to talk my mom into buying something that I was sure was much more beautiful than what she normally wore. I do agree with your girls, the shoes are super cute!

Heather Dray said...

That's right! Kick off those flats, and put on the fancy shoes. Enjoy your date night, because you really do deserve it!

Emily said...

Those shoes are spectacular! I love them.
I love wearing flats with kids. Borns have become my shoe brand of choice. But I am always drawn to the fancy, frilly shoes. These days, the only time I have to wear them is date nights with Ben.

You have to love when your kids call you beautiful!

Becky said...

They didn't get used this time :) But that's okay cause we had a blast bumming around town (and sleeping in!) They are fun though.